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Utility Items of great use and impressive quality are served here!

About Us

The list of utility items seems to be never ending because there are many big and small products that find their use in residential and industrial areas on a daily basis. Serving in Indian and Foreign markets, an extensive variety of residential and industrial utility items from Thane, Maharashtra (India), is Wholesaledock LLP, a long-standing company.

The long list of Utility Items that we present before clients contains Water Bottles, Drying Towels, LED Desk Lamps, Cosmetic Bags, Pencil Boxes, to name some. Since we deal in diverse products, alliances with diverse manufacturing companies are maintained. In the worldwide, we serve as a medium to perform the function of bridging the gap between nations by making different utility items into use.

Roles of wholesaler and exporter are performed by our four years old company really well as we actively involve in sourcing and delivery process to give maximum satisfaction to our associates and clients. There is not even one factor that contributes to our negative publicity, in fact all the factors like order tracking facility, quality goods distribution and moderate pricing structure help us gain name through positive publicity.

Quality Needs Are Well-met Here

Every customer is in need of products that prove worthy of investment and only those products prove investment-worthy, which are in quality. Quality products are known to be durable and cost-effective. At Wholesaledock LLP, we care for clients who have desire of getting quality utility products. So, through our alliances with authentic companies, which serve in the Indian and Foreign markets, we make available for customers, a large gamut of all quality items. Our vendor base is both Indian and International, so our company deals in a collection of items, made as per national and international standards.

Reasons of Our Growth

  • Sourcing Excellence- The first reason that aids us grow better and stronger in India and Abroad is our perfection in partnership. We are in partnership with leading manufacturing companies, which meet our needs of providing best utility items like Water Bottle, Drying Towel and Cosmetic Bag.
  • Packaging Perfection- The second factor that helps us in competing with different companies is our perfection in packaging. All products are packed using plastic, board and wood based packaging materials in a neat manner.
  • Delivery Commitment- Delivery is the third and most important factor that has helped us become sought after company in the worldwide. Our quality items are delivered on time to customers. 

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